How To Prepare For Downsizing Your Living Space

How To Prepare For Downsizing Your Living Space

Downsizing is more popular than ever in today’s modern age. Perhaps families are dealing with the kids moving away from home, maybe keeping up with the home has become too costly and time consuming, but regardless of reason, downsizing has a lot of advantages. One of the biggest issues local families have with downsizing, however, is condensing a big life into a much smaller space. 

Moving from a large home to a smaller home will mean figuring out what stuff will make the move with you. Even those who don’t feel as though they accumulate a lot of things over time will often find that they own more things than they realized when the time comes to downsize. 

4 Tips For A Smoother Downsizing Experience

A few tips can really help to make the downsizing experience a lot better. Being surrounded by stuff can be overwhelming, and it’s these tips you can turn to when your mind begins to go into overdrive. 4 simple tips for a smoother downsizing experience are: 

  1. Check your mindset – Downsizing isn’t always a happy experience, and if you go into it with a negative mindset, you’re going to make the experience much more difficult for yourself. Instead of thinking about the sad parts of leaving your old home behind, instead focus on all of the positives a smaller space offers to you. You won’t have to deal with as much in the way of maintenance, you’ll likely not be tasked with hosting all of the social functions, and less house to keep up with means less time spent cleaning. 

  1. Identify your must-haves – One of the best things you can do is identify your absolute must-haves from the start. You can sort through all of the “maybe” items later on, and it’ll be much less stressful with all of your absolute must-haves out of the way first. It’s always more positive to look at a smaller pile than to face a huge mountain of things. 

  1. Create new organizational habits – A smaller space will likely have less space for you to stash away items you plan to “organize” later. Creating new organizational habits where everything has its own right place will be crucial in your smooth transition into your new home. 

  1. Ditch your just in case – How many items have you accumulated for “just in case” reasons, and you’re still waiting for that just in case scenario to happen? Rather than keeping these items on hand, accept that they’ll likely take up more space than they’re worth and purchase them again only if you need them. 

Making Your Move Easier

Downsizing can be a great experience, especially for those entering new phases of their life. With Instamove Austin, we can help you to downsize in a simpler and easier way than you’ve ever imagined. If you’re getting ready to move into a smaller space and you’re looking for assistance in ensuring a smooth and easy move, call us today. 

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